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Welcome to my castle everyone!!!

Out of Character (OOC)

My SN (Screen Name) originally was just to look around on the internet. I (the mun) like comics a lot, as I have a vivid imagination. I first learned the art of RPing in a chat room called "The Danger Room" from the AOL Marvel site. Here I became my SN, Gambit. I obtained several friends, and eventually was introduced to RhyDin. Here I learned of forums, dice, etc. I was kindly accepted into the Apoc (Nur) and LeBeau clans. My IC parents Remy Kevin LeBeau (RLeBeau2) and Seri LeBeau (EmeryldLgn). I have been RPing since and loved every minute of it. When my character became a vampire, I briefly changed my SN to GambitJade (My character was part of the Jade vampire clan). I changed it back, to find the Apocalypse side of my family, and to find lost friends.

In Character (IC)

Hey dere. My name's Remy Ace LeBeau, from de LeBeau and Apocalypse (Nur) Clan. I'm gonna tell ya a lil 'bout my past.

I was born to Remy Kevin LeBeau and Seri LeBeau, but because dey were so young, dey were forced to give me up for adoption. Some 17 years later, by pure coincidence I found dem again. Dey introduced me to my family, and took me in like I was dere my whole life. Unfortunately, dey disappeared for quite some time, and I didn't see dem for years. I had lost contact wit' both my sides of de family, and my Jade clan crumbled. Now, my parents have come back (they're divorced t'ough), I have reunited wit' most of my 'Poc fam'ly, an' am tryin' to find de rest of de LeBeau side.

At about 18, I went into several guilds, and quickly came to power. My first guild was DBoM, Dark Blade of Mordor. Here I was introduced to many of de key forums. I began to spar constantly and raise my dice. After much work, I became a Division Commander, and got my first real taste at leadership, power, and responsibility. I was one of the 7 original members, and the people there became like a family to me. I did my best to talk to my soldiers, and not just give orders. I tried to better organize de soldiers in my diviision in rank, and to give dem de responsibilities of a few lower ranked soldiers. Unfortunately, it didn't work. I stopped trying to organize it. I den started talkin' to de GC more. I made a lot of suggestions to improve de guild, and hesought my counsel numerous times. Eventually I requested an additional job as the Grand Advisor. The guild eventually merged and we became WotDB, Wizards of the Dark Blade.

At about de sixth month of my career at WotDB I began to look for membership to multiple guilds. Not long after I was informed dat my fat'er was startin' a guild based on de LeBeau clan. I gladly joined his guild. His guild was DoCLeB, Defenders of de Clan LeBeau. Here I met de one true love of my life. Her name was Mir, short for her nickname, Mirage. She was de sweetest, most amazing woman I'd ever met. I courted her for a long while. I was in heaven.

I was beginning to lose interest in WotDB at dis time. De GC died, and de new leader was clearly incompetent. He tried to change de forum to a brand-new, small forum. De people resisted. I couldn't stand de guy anymore so I quit. I stayed dere for about 8 months (all timespans are IRL time). At de same time, our clan began to fight amongst demselves, causin' a split in our clan. De guild lasted only 2 months. It den collapsed when de fights escalated to deir climax, and de rest of de members disappeared. Dis guild ended about de same time I quit WotDB.

I was now free from unnecessary responsibilites, and wanted to settle down wit' Mir. I asked her to marry me. She said no, and she had sometin' she had to tell me. It turned out, I was de ot'er man. She had had problems wit' her ex-husband (who I didn't know about). But dey were only apart for a short time. Dey decided to still date, but not get married again. Dis was when I showed up. Seh broke my heart, and decieved me. But I forgive her. She later remarried her ex-husband, who was adopted by my great-grandfat'er, 'Poc. Oh, and I wasn't invited to de weddin'. Talk 'bout irony.

I was at my lowest point. Dere was a period where my family wasn't around much, I jus' lost de love of my life, and I belonged to no guilds. I searched for some new guilds to join. I began to be very selective when I chose a guild, I didn't want one dat was gonna collapse a mont' later. After looking around for new guilds, I came upon the guild BoV, The Blade of Valor. In dis guild I quickly moved up to a Division Commander and Advisor. Unfrotuanetly, dere wasn't much responsibility here because we were an AoRG guild. I didn't have to worry about keepin' my soldiers active. Only to recruit a lil znd make sure dey participated in wars. While here, I also met Ash (BelarJade) in a spar. We became good friends, and I was introduced to his clan. Again, I decided to drop my guild after only 1 1/2 mont's. I was later sired by Ash's sire and became part of the Jade Ventrue vamp clan. Here I gained a new family as I slowly lost contact wit' my old one. ((I switched my SN here to GambitJade)).

My sire, and her husband, began a guild for de Jades. I joined it. De guild was called HotJ, House of the Jade. We joined UGC, but we fell apart jus' as quickly as we started (about 3 weeks). At de same time as I joined HotJ, my fat'er tried to salvage what was left of de DoCLeB members and he created DoN, Defenders of the Night. I became a Division Commander once again, but it fell apart once again after only 2 months.

Near de end of my HotJ career I joined a very successful guild, DotDG, Denizens of the Devil's Garden. (No we were not as evil as it I wanted a break forom responsibility so I stayed a soldier, and concentrated on jus' raisin' my dice. Only a month after I joined DotDG, my fa'ter tried once again to create a guild, KotM, Keepers of the Masquerade. Dis guild was successful, and still exists to dis day. Halfway through my stay wit KotM, I was asked to become an Advisor and Third in Command of my former GC (from BoV), Greyfist's new guild, RIVAL, RhyDin's Immortal Vengeance Against the Lawful. I accepted, but no one would recruit so we had an extremely slow start. At nearly de same time as RIVAL started, I decided to start my own guild, EMoT (Elite Mages of Terari). I Co-GCed it wit' Ash. It started out very well, as we recruited many of our friends. Suddenly, My GC and Second in Command of RIVAL disappeared, and de guild crumbled within 2 weeks.

I here left KotM, after having a fight wit' my fat'er because he wanted to be my sire. He wanted me to be in his clan not de Jades. I stayed at his guild for about 2 months. About a month after I quit KotM dere was also a problem between de Co-GCs of DotDG and dey seperated into two guilds, DotDG and EKotDE (Eternal Knights of the Dark Empire). I went EKotDE for about anot'er 2 1/2 months. Here I stayed a soldier. After a total of about 6 1/2 months, I quit EKotDE.

After all of dis, EMoT was still goin' strong. Den, we hit a problem: de guild stopped growing around 35 members. Fortunately, at dis time, nearly every member was active. For 10 months I was de Grand Commander and Head of Covert Operations. We gained alliances, and became a family.

In the fourth month of EMoT I heard of an elite guild from my brother, Ash. After considering joining the elite guild, RoT, Rogues of Talamar, and realizin' dat I had lost too many friends and family as a vampire, and healed myself to become a mortal once again. ((I changed back my SN to Gambit4ACE)) I joined RoT as an Assassin and learned de trade from one of de best Assassins in RhyDin history, Stone Magnum. I became a freelancer in several forums at dis time, in order to take out all enemies. I slowly became an advisor, after numerous suggestions to help further de guild. I decided I didn't want to be a killer anymore and became a Diplomat. After a very short career as a Diplomat, all guild functions stopped at de disappearance of de GC. De whole ride lasted about 4 months.

EMoT went on anot'er 6 mont's. But after 10 mont's we drifted apart, and we had a huge problem wit' inactivity. I wanted to reform, and kicked out all inactive members. We suffered a huge loss when I did dis because we had so many inactive members. EMoT never recovered, and eventually I folded de guild. I asked if dere was any to take my place but not a soul stepped forward.

Throughout de last weeks of EMoT I began recruiting for my new guild, The Elite. I extended membership to all de EMoT members but few accepted. The Elite has never had many members due to de strict requirements, but we are de best of de best. A few weeks after the beginning of The Elite, I accepted a job as the Commander of the Spy Division for PotDH, Paladins of the Dark Heart. It was a great guild; we were a family. After about 2 weeks our GC disappeared, an' our TiC (who was de GC's wife) took over. I quickly became friends wit' de new GC, IadyAmanda. I helped her a lot wit', GCin' seein' as it was he first guild, An' she was thrown into it. Amanda learned quickly, an' de guild was prosperous. After 2 1/2 months I decided to step down, and become a regular spy. It was at dis point, dat Amanda changed: she became ruthless, an' would start a war wit' anyone. After a month, our GC decided to change forums which began REMW. She jumped into a DM, an' was killed. After presumed dead, de reviewers decided dat de match was invalid; Amanda was alive. After about a month, she stepped down, and handed de guild over to her sister an' SiC, Idystmangi. I was a regular spy for anot'er month. I became Third in Command of PotDH only a week ago.

I have been de Supreme Commander of The Elite for nearly 4 months now. If you t'ink you're worthy of the Elite please feel free to request an application.

1 month as Division Commander and Advisor of CIF (currently)